97 Best Beaches of Texas

Find a perfect beach in the Lone Star State

Texas has some of the best beaches on the Gulf Coast. If you live in Texas, or close to it, and planning a beach vacation, we have a number of beautiful, long, white sand vacation spots with clear waters that you definitely need to check out!

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Galveston, Texas

Uncrowded beach with two pocket parks. Both are pet friendly, easily accessible by car. A great choice between a wide variety of facilities and a quiet seaside area.

7 mi from Galveston city center
Galveston, Texas

Drive-on, relatively close to the city, which makes shopping easier if needed. Sunbathing, enjoying waves and walking out dogs are the most popular activities here.

7 mi from Galveston city center
Galveston, Texas

Well-known camping site, fully equipped for a family vacation. Sandy, scenic and relaxing, the beach is located within a walking distance from the RV park. Free Wi-Fi.

6 mi from Galveston city center
Seabrook, Texas

The beach is locally-friendly rather than for tourists. Small parking lot and absence of amenities turns it into an authentic place. The city life escape.

3 mi from Seabrook city center
Galveston, Texas
12 mi from Galveston city center
Galveston, Texas
13 mi from Galveston city center
Galveston, Texas
3 mi from Galveston city center
Galveston, Texas
Close to Galveston city center
Galveston, Texas
Close to Galveston city center
La Porte, Texas
Close to La Porte city center
Galveston, Texas

A beautiful white-sand beach with interesting sea life and all the necessary amenities. Close to numerous bars, restaurants, shops.

4 mi from Galveston city center
Port Bolivar, Texas
6 mi from Port Bolivar city center
Port Bolivar, Texas
9 mi from Port Bolivar city center
Surfside Beach, Texas

A pet and family-friendly drive-on beach, easily accessible by car. Entertainment comes down to classic beach activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.

3 mi from Surfside Beach city center
Quintana, Texas

One of the lesser-known beaches with a family-friendly atmosphere, basic beach facilities, and a long fishing pier. Blue but murky still waters. Good accessibility.

Close to Quintana city center
Nudist beach
Porter, Texas
Close to Porter city center
Port Arthur, Texas
19 mi from Port Arthur city center
Willis, Texas
4 mi from Willis city center
Matagorda, Texas

A huge 26-mile beach just 1 hour away from Houston, offering seclusion and beautiful views, Great for shelling, swimming, strolling, or walking a dog.

6 mi from Matagorda city center
Huntsville, Texas
7 mi from Huntsville city center
Port O'Connor, Texas
Close to Port O'Connor city center
Port Lavaca, Texas

A pretty beach, featuring primitive oceanfront RV campsites as close as 15 feet from the waterline. Good for pensive walks, picnicking, and sunset watching.

6 mi from Port Lavaca city center
Rockport, Texas
Close to Rockport city center
Port Aransas, Texas
Close to Port Aransas city center
Port Aransas, Texas
Close to Port Aransas city center

Beach Recreation in Texas

Galveston Texas Beach

Does Texas Have Beaches?

Located in the south on the Gulf of Mexico and being the second-largest state in the country, Texas features diverse landscapes common to the Southern United States and – about 400 miles of beautiful coastline offering all kinds of beaches for sunbathing, swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, fishing, etc. The variety of recreational options for Texas beaches is as huge as the variety of destinations to choose from, which include rivers, natural lakes, and man-made reservoirs like Canyon Lake and Lake Travis in addition to plentiful coastal beaches with warm blue water. There are many good places for families, offering all necessary amenities and safe swimming experience under the watchful eyes of lifeguards. If you’re looking for naturist recreation, there are nudist beaches and resorts as well. The Lone Star State has something to offer for every taste and budget.

Where are the Beaches in Texas?

Some of the best beaches are located within or close to Galveston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, so if you happen to stay nearby, you should definitely spend a day or two soaking up the sun at the seaside or somewhere by a scenic lake. Some of the nicest parks and beaches outside the coastal area are located at Canyon Lake, Lady Bird Lake, West Lake, Possum Kingdom Lake, Lake Pflugerville, and Lake Travis. On our website, you can find first-hand information about the most popular and visited destinations as well as real hidden gems only locals know about. It’s only up to you and your preferences which to choose.

Texas beach walks

What are Texas Beaches Like?

The majority of Texas beaches are sandy and the quality and cleanliness of sand vary depending on the beach location and maintenance. If you’re lucky enough – or if you do a bit of research at home – you can even end up on a marvelous white-sand beach with a picture-postcard landscape and clear water to swim in. To make sure you don’t regret your holiday choice, check thoroughly the beach info, photos, and reviews before your visit. Most of the Gulf waters along the Texas coastline are not perfectly clear and feature no fantastic emerald tints – that’s true – and Texas beach experience is very different from the Caribbean one. Still, there are many picturesque pristine beaches, where you can enjoy the blue expanse of the ocean and some truly unforgettable sunsets.

Beach Facilities

Most of the beaches feature basic amenities and facilities such as parking lots, restrooms, rinse showers, shaded picnic areas with tables and grills, benches, pavilions, food concessions, drink dispensers, sunbed and umbrella rentals, and modern children’s playgrounds. If you are a sports enthusiast or just in a mood for active recreation, it’s easy to find a beach with watersport rentals or with an adjacent hike and bike trail. In Texas, you may try almost all kinds of beach recreational activities including snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, banana boat riding, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding.

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Best Beaches in Texas

In fact, Texas has quite a number of nice beaches we would recommend to visit. If you are at a loss trying to choose a destination for your beach vacation, start with checking information on the beaches from our top including Padre Island National Seashore, Port Aransas Beach, Boca Chica Beach, Matagorda Beach, McGee Beach, Crystal Beach, Harrison County Sand Beach, North Beach, and Whitecap Beach.

Bacteria Levels on Texas Beaches

Before going somewhere to swim, it is highly recommended to check current information on the water quality and bacteria levels and it applies equally to the coastal, river, and lakeside beaches. Specifically for this purpose, we added a special widget on each beach page allowing you to see the recent data on the water quality.