Sunny Beach

Sandy beach
11202 Garfield Way, Galveston, TX 77554, USA
47 miles from Houston, TX
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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

The beach can get really busy on weekends.

Alcohol is allowed and there is a chance you’ll have to share the beach with noisy companies.

Sunny Beach is a wide drive-on beach a few miles past the Seawall in Galveston, Texas. It’s a gem among other Galveston beaches because it’s often uncrowded and exceptionally clean in comparison to them. Having visited it once, you’ll probably include it in the list of your favorites.

Convenient Location

Sunny Beach is located just several miles away from the Seawall and is a lot less crowded. It’s easy to get to. In case you need anything, you’ll be able to reach the center of Galveston in about 10 minutes, which is very convenient.

On-Beach Parking

Sunny Beach is a drive-on beach, so you can drive on the sand and park your vehicle wherever you want on the beach, which is definitely an advantage meaning you won’t have to drag all your beach stuff and watersport equipment all the way to the ocean on a hot summer day. The sand is hard-packed, so you’re unlikely to get stuck. However, try to keep to more packed areas.

You can, for instance, drive your air-conditioned car closer to the water and comfortably sit inside, listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the view of the ocean. The beach is wide and uncrowded most of the time, so there’s enough space and seclusion for everyone.

Simple Activities

Sunny Beach doesn’t offer many entertainment options, just simple activities like sunbathing, swimming, picnicking, building sandcastles, or strolling. There are often good waves, which is great fun for kids. On a quiet day, it might be a good idea to set up your chair, sit down with a book, and relax. Early mornings are the best time to get some seclusion and tranquility.


Cleanliness is hit or miss on this beach because some of the visitors don’t bother to clean up after themselves. Nevertheless, the city workers do a good job cleaning the beach. There are few trash cans in the area, so it’s better to bring a bag and take your trash with you.

Dog Policies

It’s a dog-friendly beach. If you’re a dog owner, you’re welcome to take your four-legged friend with you and have a great time walking, playing, or swimming in the ocean.

Driving Time

  • 1 hour from Houston, TX
  • 3 hours 45 minutes from Austin, TX
  • 4 hours 5 minutes from San Antonio, TX

Hotels and rentals

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Daniel and Laura
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Visitor questions:

Question: Can you metal detect on Sunny Beach? Thank you :)
Asked by Rhonda Belam over 2 years ago
Answer: Yes, you can. Metal detecting is officially allowed on Texas beaches (as opposed to state and federal parks). However, removing artifacts found this way is unlawful. If you believe you've found a valuable archaeological artifact, connect with THC’s Marine Archeology Program.
Question: Hiii, I was wondering does the beach have a certain time frame like when it closes or opens?
Asked by Christine about 2 years ago
Answer: Sunny Beach is open for visitors 24/7.
Question: Can you build a bonfire on this beach?
Asked by AnonymousTruthSeeker 11 months ago
Answer: No, you can't. For safety reasons, bonfires are prohibited on Sunny Beach.
Question: Is the sand walkable? Not all broken shells?
Asked by SHARON 9 months ago
Answer: No, it's not all broken shells. There are many beautiful shells to find on Sunny Beach but the sand is walkable (and even drivable). You can go barefoot and enjoy the warm sand.

Sunny Beach videos

Another FREE vehicular beach in beautiful Galveston, Texas, USA
A dashboard camera video of the beach
Sunny Beach | Family Friendly Beach in Texas
A nice family video shot on the beach

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The beach is located in Galveston, Texas 11202 Garfield Way, Galveston, TX 77554, USA (Open on Google Maps)
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Reviewed on: April 8, 2020