Magnolia Beach

Sandy beach
719 N Ocean Dr, Port Lavaca, TX 77979, США
109 miles from Houston, TX
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Beach amenities

  • WCPublic restrooms nearby
  • Public grillsGrills or fire pits
  • Picnic tablesPicnic benches available
  • ShowerPublic showers available
  • ParkingCar parking nearby
  • RV-friendlyRV parking available
  • Pet friendlyBring your little friends!
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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Bridge's maximum load limit is 10,000 lbs.

Beware of alligators.

Magnolia Beach is a 1.5 miles long stretch of drivable hard-packed sandy beach on the Texas coast, on Matagorda Bay, just 20-25 minutes south of Port Lavaca. The water here is less salty than in the ocean (just 19%) because the Colorado and Lavaca Rivers flow into the bay.

Magnolia Beach isn’t a resort-type-of a beach, but it’s a very peaceful and relaxing place where you can park your RV as close as 15 feet from the ocean, sleep to the sound of waves and wake up to a picturesque oceanfront view.

The only considerable drawback is that there’s only one little shop in the town, so you’d better take everything you may need somewhere on your way here, for instance, in Port Lavaca.


The access to this spacious beach is very easy – you can just drive in and find a nice spot for your RV. There is plenty of space and the main advantage is that you don’t have to pay for your stay – it’s free of charge. The sand is hard-packed and there’s a lot of crushed shell in it, so it’s easy to drive on. That said, you’ll hardly enjoy walking barefooted, so make sure you don’t go out without footwear.

It should be noted that there’s a bridge with a maximum load limit of 10,000 lbs. Many rig drivers ignore this limitation; however, if you don’t want to risk paying a hefty fine or ruining your vehicle, it’s better to choose camping on your side of the bridge.

Campground facilities

The campsites are primitive, without hookups, but the beach area has maintained bathrooms with flush toilets and showers. There is hot water and the pressure is good. The toilet paper in the restrooms is re-stocked regularly; the facilities are cleaned weekly, but their condition is far from perfect anyway. Take your flip-flops if you want to have a shower.

If you need to restock drinking water, you’ll have to go to local campgrounds or Port Lavaca, since there is no drinking water here. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to Port Lavaca from Magnolia Beach, and you can replenish your other supplies there as well.

Scenery and relaxation

There are picturesque sunrises and sunsets on Magnolia Beach. The area is clean and spacious and a walk along the shore is going to be pleasant and relaxing. In some parts of the beach, you’ll find a row of gazebos. There are enjoyable ocean breezes.

You can make use of picnic tables and barbecue grills to cook some food and enjoy picnicking in the fresh air. All in all, Magnolia Beach is a great place to spend a couple of nights or even a week, sleeping to the sound of waves and waking up to see a boundless ocean right in front of you.

Driving Time

  • 40 minutes from Victoria, TX
  • 2 hours 25 minutes from Houston, TX
  • 2 hours 45 minutes from San Antonio, TX

Hotels and rentals

If you're considering staying for one or even a few nights, there are plenty of options available near the beach. Chose your preferred accomodation type and your favourite room provider:

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Visitor questions:

Question: Can you park your RV in Magnolia beach for free?
Asked by Jennifer Tellez over 3 years ago
Answer: Yes! Nightly stay is also zero.
Question: It's may 5, can you camp on the beach ?
Asked by Jeff o. over 2 years ago
Answer: Unfortunately, you can't. Texas beaches re-opened on May 1st but with certain restrictions. You are not allowed to stay on the beach after 8.00 p.m. Camping implies that you stay on the beach overnight, so the answer is no.
Question: is the beach still closed to rv camping and if so when is expected to open. Thanks
Asked by perkins over 2 years ago
Answer: Unfortunately, overnight camping is still prohibited, and no one knows when the epidemic will come to its end, and when camping will be allowed. Regrets!
Question: will be beach open on /after may 24? is it possible to camping without RV using just tent and minivan?
Asked by Zhanna Shatsov over 2 years ago
Answer: The beach is now open for tourists at daytime hours only. You can bring a tent with you but it is still prohibited to camp overnight, regardless of whether you are using RV or not.
Question: Is the beach open today?
Asked by Jemmi Guzman over 2 years ago
Answer: Yes, the beach is open (during daily hours only).
Question: With COVID 19 is the beach open?
Asked by Michele almost 3 years ago
Answer: Sadly enough, the beach is closed at least till the end of April due to the coronavirus epidemic.
Question: Will the beach be open July 4th?
Asked by Rhonda over 2 years ago
Answer: Yes, Magnolia Beach is open.
Question: Is the beach open this weekend for camping?
Asked by Norma over 2 years ago
Answer: Currently, there is no information about Magnolia Beach being closed for camping. To be on the safe side, please call the county commissioner at 361-552-9242.
Question: Will the beach be open for the weekend of July 18 my son want to celebrate his birthday at the beach
Asked by Nicolas Lopez Jr. over 2 years ago
Answer: Currently, the beach is open, but things may change due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Please call 361-552-3347 (Parks & Recreation department of the City of Port Lavaca that Magnolia Beach belongs to) or the county commissioner at 361-552-9242.
Question: Do you have to have an RV to park on the beach? We were just wanting to visit for a day trip with our kids and wondering if we can drive our vehicle on the beach.
Asked by Josh over 2 years ago
Answer: You can both drive and park your car on the beach even if you haven't got an RV. The existing limits concern the nearby bridge only: its maximum load limit makes up 10,000 lbs.
Question: Going the weekend of Sept. 19th. Need to know if we are able to park our truck on the beach for the day and use our own personal grill? Can we set up our canopy too?
Asked by Michelle Nogue over 2 years ago
Answer: You can park your RV truck as close as 15 feet from the ocean. You can either use your own grill and canopy or the grills and the picnic tables provided by the campsite. Have a nice weekend!
Question: Can I tent camp at Magnolia? And can I have a fire?
Asked by Jay over 2 years ago
Answer: Yes, you can tent-camp on this beach. Burning fires is prohibited on all Texas beaches for safety reasons but you can use public grills if necessary.
Question: We are over 10,000lbs. Is there an area on the beach we are allowed to, and if so, how long can we stay? Thank you
Asked by Tonya about 2 years ago
Answer: You are allowed to enter the beach provided that you don't drive on the bridge across the channel connecting Old Town Lake with Matagorda Bay (the bridge on Google Maps: The weight limits concern the bridge only. You can stay on the beach for no longer than 2 weeks.
Question: Is the beach currently open during November and December for RV camping?
Asked by James thornburg about 2 years ago
Answer: Currently, there is no information about Magnolia Beach being closed for camping in November and December. To be on the safe side, please call the county commissioner at 361-552-9242.
Question: Are pets allowed?
Asked by Judy almost 2 years ago
Answer: Yes, this beach is pet-friendly! You can take your four-legged friend with you.
Question: Can you run a generator in your camper on the beach?
Asked by Connie Estes over 1 year ago
Answer: This beach is RV-friendly, so we suppose that the answer is yes. For more precise information, please call the county commissioner at 361-552-9242.
Question: Is the two-week limit strictly enforced at Magnolia Beach? We would really like to stay for a month. Is there a way to ask for an extension?
Asked by Jennifer over 1 year ago
Answer: With Magnolia Beach being a very popular site among campers, this limit is enforced strictly for the sake of letting more people enjoy this wonderful place. Moreover, camping is limited to 14 days with a 30 days gap, meaning that you can't stay here for 14 days, leave for 1 day and then come back. Yet there are many different RV parks in Magnolia Beach and nearby, why not move from one RV park to another? Here are some waterfront variants for you to consider: Waterfont RV Park, Sunrise on Mag RV Park (+15122218082), Lola & Ethel’s RV Park (+13617468022). Inland RV parks: Magnolia Beach RV Park (+13617776527), Rick's Roost RV Park (+13254503998), Oceanside RV Park (no contacts available). Have a nice camping vacation!
Question: How is the shelling on Magnolia and King Fisher beaches? Thank you!
Asked by Elizabeth Winn over 1 year ago
Answer: On Magnolia Beach, there are many crushed shells because it is a drive-on beach, and the shells get broken under the heavy vehicles. If you are fond of shelling and are wavering between these two beaches, we recommend going to King Fisher Beach. It offers endless opportunities for beachcombing!
Question: Is electricity available?
Asked by Faith over 1 year ago
Answer: No, there are no electricity plugins. You'll need a generator to cook or watch TV.
Question: Is this beach open for overnight RV camping now?
Asked by Lynda Taylor about 1 year ago
Answer: There is no information about overnight camping being restricted now. Yet to be on the safe side, contact the county commissioner at 361-552-9242.
Question: Is the beach open for RV Camping? (Sent 1/25/2022)
Asked by Dennis Seymour about 1 year ago
Answer: Magnolia Beach is RV friendly, yet in our turbulent times, the rules are often changing. To get to know if RVs are allowed now, please contact the county commissioner at 361-552-9242.
Question: Are side-by-side UTVs allowed?
Asked by Pete Gonzalez 11 months ago
Answer: There is no information about side-by-side UTVs being banned on Magnolia Beach. The only known limitation is the bridge that has a maximum load limit of 10,000 lbs (and UTVs usually weigh much less). Driving on the sand is allowed on Magnolia Beach. Yet we recommend calling the county commissioner at 361-552-9242 just in case.
Question: Even though the beach is free to use, do you have to make reservations or is it first come first served?
Asked by Sandra Barton 9 months ago
Answer: No reservations are needed. Regular visitors say that there's always enough room for everyone, and that the place never gets too busy despite being so popular among RV travelers.
Question: Farandwide com says the ocean is dangerously polluted at Magnolia Beach, TX?
Asked by Rod Collet 7 months ago
Answer: The part of the ocean shore where Magnolia Beach is located features several ports and industrial plants. Also, this region is separated from the ocean by long barrier islands with just a few narrow straits. This prevents dirt from dispersing all over the ocean, and it accumulates in the bays. Also, ocean waters all along the Texas coast are known to have a brownish color. Despite being polluted, Magnolia Beach remains a popular camping place. It's up to you to decide whether to swim or not.
Question: It is now JULY 12 2022. Is the beach open for overnight with RV and how long can you stay at one time?
Asked by AB Montoya 7 months ago
Answer: Usually, RV camping on Magnolia Beach is limited to 14 days with a 30 days gap. To get to know if overnight stays are allowed in July 2022, please contact the county commissioner at 361-552-9242.
Question: And what about those alligators??? Don't see anything but a warning.
Asked by Felix 5 months ago
Answer: Alligators inhabit the lake area near Magnolia Beach and sometimes come up to the beach. If you scroll this page down, you'll see a review where one of the beach visitors (Wally) describes a 4-foot alligator that was noticed on the beach. No panic, though, just follow the rules - don't approach them and don't feed them.

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Free Camping at Magnolia Beach TX
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Boondocking at Magnolia Beach with Drone Fly Over
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