Rockport Beach

Sandy beach
722 Navigation Cir, Rockport, TX 78382, USA (157 miles from Houston, TX)
Water quality

Beach amenities

  • Pet friendlyBring your little friends!
  • ParkingCar parking nearby
  • ShowerPublic showers available
  • RestaurantsF&B places nearby
  • Picnic tablesPicnic benches available
  • Changing roomsDressing rooms on the beach
  • PlaygroundKids will have fun!
  • WCPublic restrooms nearby

About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Dedicated dog area.

No lifeguards on duty.

Rockport is a small community of fishers and artisans who do their best to restore the severely damaged city after the hurricane Harvey, and their efforts have yielded impressive results. Although you can still notice consequences of the disaster, Rockport Beach has been voted one of the top 10 beaches in Texas. You’re welcome to take your kids here, the beach is calm and provides opportunities for safe swimming. There’s a nice fishing pier and all the necessary beach facilities, and since the beach is located nearby Rockport dining and shopping districts, there are plenty of lunch options within walking distance. The beach offers some food outlets on site as well.

Relaxing atmosphere

Rockport Beach is a long sandy beach with beautiful views and a family atmosphere. In comparison to other Texas beaches, it’s rather small but cozy – a very family-friendly place with plenty of parents with children as well as single couples. Besides, since the local fauna is very diverse, this place is popular with fishermen and birders, who are always the quietest visitors. The beach is well-maintained and kept very clean. The sand isn’t powdery, it has pebbles and shells mixed in, so your kids can have some fun shelling.

Safe swimming

The water on Rockport Beach is very shallow with the deepest places in the vicinity of the shore up to about 2-2.5 feet. Apart from the gulf side, there is also a saltwater pool on the bay side. It isn't very deep, so it’s a great swimming spot for children and those who can’t swim well – to get to the deeper part, you’ll need to walk hundreds of feet away from the beach. Moreover, due to this shallowness, the water is always warm and there are little to no waves.

Services and amenities

There is a small playground area for the kids to enjoy, a number of shaded picnic areas with tables, an outdoor sprinkler to rinse off the sand as well as public restrooms and showers. Overall, the facilities are nice but could be upgraded – they seem somewhat sketchy and outdated.

In addition to the above mentioned, the beach offers free umbrellas (shaded cabanas rather – see the pics) on a first come first serve basis. If you want one, make sure to arrive early, around 8-9 a. m. on weekends and around 10 a. m. on weekdays.


The parking lot is parallel to the beach area. If you want to drive and park further down the beach, you’ll have to pay for an in-and-out pass, which costs $5 for one day or $20 for one year (per vehicle). If you’d like to save some money, there’s ample free parking just beyond the gate. It’s better to park further from the gate if you want to have more room for yourself.

Pet policies

If you’re a dog owner and want to spend time together with your pet on this beach, you should know that they allow dogs on a dedicated territory only – at the far right side of the beach. Dogs are allowed to play and swim there and you don't have to pay any fees for bringing your pet.

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The beach is located in Rockport, Texas 722 Navigation Cir, Rockport, TX 78382, USA (Open on Google Maps)
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Rockport Beach photo by Nena
August 26, 2018
Beach time! 🏖😎
Rockport Beach photo by K R I S T I N   P H A M
September 1, 2018
Somewhere on a beach.....Rockport, TX
Rockport Beach photo by K A T I E . J O
September 7, 2018
K A T I E . J O
Always with the bun buns.
Rockport Beach photo by Olivia Echavarria
August 26, 2018
Olivia Echavarria
Beach vibes 🌴
Rockport Beach photo by Jessica Buchanan
October 28, 2018
Jessica Buchanan
#rockporttx #rockport #beachlife
Rockport Beach photo by Samantha Tovar
September 9, 2018
Samantha Tovar
Rockport Beach photo by Devin Sullivan
August 29, 2018
Devin Sullivan
Everyones saying summer is over but I refuse to believe it. Beach shoots foreva 🏖🔺
Rockport Beach photo by Â
January 8, 2019
ready for summer 🌞
Rockport Beach photo by Aimee West
January 3, 2019
Aimee West
Just because my baby turns FOUR next month!!! 💖💖
Rockport Beach photo by Isabella
August 20, 2018
Thalassophile(n) Someone who loves the sea, ocean ; a lover of the ocean
Rockport Beach photo by Audrey Castoreno
December 12, 2018
Audrey Castoreno
Day 11: a throwback from reporting in the great TX outdoors. Also, never forget @pmireless I’m a better fisherman than you 🤣#rockport
Rockport Beach photo by tay ..
September 9, 2018
tay ..
We have fun ...!! Swimming,enjoy and a happy travels...!!
Rockport Beach photo by Sara Smith-Puerto
December 29, 2018
Sara Smith-Puerto
Ocean bb
Rockport Beach photo by Fred Fletcher
January 5, 2019
Fred Fletcher
Bicycles make me happy. . .
Rockport Beach photo by addibrook
December 29, 2018
Football with daddy on the beach ❤️
Rockport Beach photo by ronnie
August 1, 2018
im missing rockport right about now :’(
Rockport Beach photo by Z O É  S U N D B E R G ♛
June 3, 2018
Z O É S U N D B E R G ♛
On this windy day
Rockport Beach photo by Rachel Gonsalves
December 23, 2018
Rachel Gonsalves
Hi my name is Rachel and I like long walks on the beach 👋🏽
Rockport Beach photo by lestaaa🇧🇷❤
July 29, 2018
I was trying to take cute pictures at the beach but my mom not the best photographer😂💕(I was bout to sneeze in the second pic)