Bolivar Beach

Sandy beach
398 Atkinson St, Crystal Beach, TX 77650, USA (47 miles from Houston, TX)

About this beach

Bolivar Beach (a.k.a. Helen Blvd. beach)

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The beach is located in Port Bolivar, Texas 398 Atkinson St, Crystal Beach, TX 77650, USA (Open on Google Maps)
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Bolivar Beach reviews and photos
Photos and descriptions belong to their authors
Bolivar Beach photo by Shane Johnston
September 23, 2018
Shane Johnston
Rainy day fishing on Bolivar!! Put some fish on the beach!! Saltwater therapy
Bolivar Beach photo by Roxy Rae
December 8, 2018
Roxy Rae
Second series done on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. Kind of a great comeback story if you’re not familiar. Google Hurricane Ike.
Bolivar Beach photo by Christine Sorrels
November 18, 2018
Christine Sorrels
Ok The Texas coast is wayyyy underrated 🌝🌚
Bolivar Beach photo by Kassi Beasley
August 1, 2018
Kassi Beasley
Ellie’s first beach trip and she loved it just like her mama!
Bolivar Beach photo by Nicole De Leon
September 8, 2018
Nicole De Leon
Living my best life 💙🎣
Bolivar Beach photo by Rags To Riches Customs
December 25, 2017
Rags To Riches Customs
Work for what you want. You’ll get what you deserve
Bolivar Beach photo by Courtney Lowe
June 24, 2018
Courtney Lowe
My bestfriend✨
Bolivar Beach photo by Mackenzie Carroll
September 1, 2018
Mackenzie Carroll
Life is a beach, I’m just playin’ in the saaaand
Bolivar Beach photo by Elle Michelle
July 29, 2018
Elle Michelle
This man... My hearts happiness...
Bolivar Beach photo by Emma Johnson
February 19, 2017
Emma Johnson
Happy birthday Dad! I love you so much thanks for being the best ❤
Bolivar Beach photo by Mason_Boswell
June 24, 2018
Sometimes you just gotta take a break from pushing carts and relax at the beach with your neighborhood HEB parking lot attendants 🏖