El Jardin Beach

Sandy beach
500 El Jardin Dr, Seabrook, TX 77586, USA
26 miles from Houston, TX
Water quality
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Beach amenities

  • Picnic tablesPicnic benches available
  • ParkingCar parking nearby
  • Pet friendlyBring your little friends!
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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Dogs are allowed on a leash.

Entrance fee for non-locals.

Difficult parking.

Water not tested.

No shade over the picnic tables.

El Jardin Beach is a beautiful small beach with a rich marine life – a great spot for a quick trip with your family or pet. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash, although some visitors unleash them when playing or surfing in the water.

The atmosphere at the beach is nice and very family-friendly, there are no crowds most of the time and you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful stay, sitting in the sun, listening to the waves, building sandcastles, playing with your pet, having a barbecue, or taking seaside photos. The water isn’t perfectly clean; nevertheless, many adults and children have fun swimming and splashing in it.

Access And Parking

In some sense, this beach isn’t easily accessible since it’s rather for Seabrook residents than for tourists. Locals can enjoy free entrance and ample parking around the beach, while visitors have to pay a fee in cash and do a good job searching for a free parking spot. The beach parking lot is small, for about 20 spaces, and most of the beach neighborhood features ‘no parking’ signs.

Many visitors have to park several blocks away and then go on foot and bring all their stuff to the beach, so it’s better not to take too many things. Driving to the beach area is prohibited.


One of the biggest pluses is that this beach rarely gets crowded despite its small size. It’s a destination for locals, in the first place, and many tourists prefer to travel to Galveston or other places. El Jardin is nice and quiet, and, on many days, you’ll barely see anybody except for some locals with kids here.

Sand And Water

The cleanliness of the area can be hit or miss – there are plenty of trash cans; however, sometimes beach visitors leave some litter on the shore. There’s no seaweed, but, overall, the water doesn’t look very clean and inviting. It isn’t tested. Nevertheless, many adults and children enjoy swimming in it without any fear. The sea is rather shallow here. Sometimes the water is very calm, and sometimes it becomes wavy, which is good for surfers.

Other Activities

There are no special entertainment options on El Jardin, just typical beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, building castles, picnicking, and swimming. If you have a dog, it’s going to be good news for you that they allow pets on the beach, so you can have a great time together with your four-legged friend!

There is no space for long walks but still, you can enjoy the natural surroundings relaxing on the sand and watching around; there are vultures, and seagulls, and barges coming along. Sometimes small fish jump out of the water!

Driving Time

  • 10 minutes from Downtown Seabrook, TX
  • 40 minutes from Houston, TX
  • 1 hour 20 minutes from Beaumont, TX

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Visitor questions:

Question: Since I'm visiting and I don't live in Seabrook, do I have to pay to visit this beach?
Asked by Candu 27 days ago
Answer: Yes. In the high season, you'll have to pay for entering the beach.
Question: Is this beach safe for little kids to swim?
Asked by Candy 27 days ago
Answer: The sea is shallow, making it a good bathing spot for kids on calm days. But if it gets wavy, you'd better get your kids out of water because the waves can get pretty high and strong.
Question: Open July 4th?
Asked by Brittany Thomoson 4 days ago
Answer: Unfortunately, all beaches in the Houston area including El Jardin Beach are closed over the weekend (July 4th and 5th 2020).

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Fun in the sun with family and friends
A lovely drone made video about family fun on the beach
Pine Gully pier and SUP El Jardin
A nice video of the beach

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Reviewed on: August 10, 2019