Whitecap Beach

Sandy beach
14802 Whitecap Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, USA (186 miles from Houston, TX)
Water quality

Beach amenities

  • Pet friendlyBring your little friends!
  • RV-friendlyRV parking available
  • ParkingCar parking nearby
  • ShowerPublic showers available
  • RestaurantsF&B places nearby
  • LifeguardsLifeguard on duty
  • WCPublic restrooms nearby

About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Watch out for broken glass in the sand.

Beware of electric man-o-war jellyfish on the tide line.

Blue crabs can pinch you. Ouch!

It’s a long scenic stretch of very fine white sand (best in Corpus), offering a lot of space and allowing to drive on. If you’re looking for a picturesque and soothing holiday destination but don’t have time for longer trips, Whitecap Beach is a place of choice for you! It’s quite popular with tourists and local visitors but has enough space for everyone. The area is very well kept and comfortable for sitting, picnicking, enjoying the sunset, or making a bonfire at dusk. The atmosphere is peaceful and very family-friendly, featuring few party lovers with alcohol and loud music. Most visitors are couples and families with children, who run around, laugh, and play. Many people also bring their dogs and walk them on a leash.

Access, Parking, and Driving On

Whitecap Beach is located at the end of Whitecap Road and is easy to find. You can either employ free and spacious parking within a 5-minute walk to the beach or drive directly on the sand, which is densely packed and easy to drive on. During high tide, the beach becomes narrow but still offers enough space for cars. Parking on the beach requires a permit, which costs $12 and is valid until the end of the year. It also gives you parking access to a few nearby beaches, which is a nice bonus!

Eateries and Amenities

The beach has basic facilities on site, including showers and restrooms. They’re clean, but it’s better to have some wipes with you since the toilet paper isn’t always available. There are a few good restaurants around; one of them is located at a large pier. The cuisine is fine. There is also a snack truck visiting the beach frequently – a good option for having a bite on the go.

Sand and Water

The sand on Whitecap Beach is sugar-white and super-fine, velvety to the touch. It’s hard-packed and easy to step on, making the beach a good place for long walks by the sea. You may go barefoot if you like, but be mindful of washed in man-o-war jellyfish and broken glass in the sand, which is there sometimes despite all the cleanup efforts. In general, the beach is clean but not without seaweed. As for the water, it’s nice and very warm; the low rolling waves are beautiful and pleasant to walk through or play in.

Local Fauna

The beach is very good for birdwatching; there are many different sea birds in the area, including seagulls, migrating brown pelicans, colorful northern caracaras, and smaller shorebirds. If you take kids, it might be also a good idea to look for hermit crabs, coquina crabs, pipers, and blue crabs (be careful, they can pinch painfully).

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Whitecap Beach videos

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Weather conditions

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Beach map and directions
The beach is located in Corpus Christi, Texas 14802 Whitecap Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, USA (Open on Google Maps)
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Whitecap Beach reviews and photos
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Whitecap Beach photo by Alison Fizzord
May 2, 2015
Alison Fizzord
With all the traveling I've done in my life I've somehow managed to keep Nashville as my home base since I was two years old. Here's to finally making the big move down to Texas to earn my masters degree in printmaking. It ain't so bad having the beach in yer backyard. #lifesabeach #educationnation
Whitecap Beach photo by Mallory Halbardier
June 11, 2016
Mallory Halbardier
Summer lovin💗🌴
Whitecap Beach photo by Visit Corpus Christi Texas
February 6, 2016
Visit Corpus Christi Texas
A beautiful coastal day for the #BarefootMardiGras Parade. 🎭 Cheers to the weekend! #Padreisland#memoriesmadecc#vivacc#beach#parade#pier#outdoors#texas#igtexas#corpuschristi#corpus#cctx#ocean#sea#ariel
Whitecap Beach photo by Miranda Nason 💋
September 12, 2016
Miranda Nason 💋
No class till 2... I'll be here
Whitecap Beach photo by WhiteCap CrossFit
September 6, 2014
WhiteCap CrossFit
@whitecapcrossfit throwing down at Whitecap Beach in front of the Holiday Inn!!
Whitecap Beach photo by Danielle Stewart
June 3, 2016
Danielle Stewart
#nofilterneeded #texaslifestyle #texasbeach #northpadreisland #texasroadtrip #dusk #sunset
Whitecap Beach photo by Casey Toole
August 17, 2015
Casey Toole
The #water at #PadreIsland #CorpusChristi is looking so beautiful. The #sand is a different story, there is #tar everywhere
Whitecap Beach photo by keri3877
August 26, 2016
oh the beach...
Whitecap Beach photo by cindy
April 4, 2016
Thinking about yesterday during class 😪 #beach
Whitecap Beach photo by Banished Banana
October 9, 2016
Banished Banana
Beach sunsets #texas #whitecapbeach #sunset