Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park Beach

Sandy beach
23198 TX-494 Loop, Porter, TX 77365, USA
26 miles from Houston, TX
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Nudist beach

Beach amenities

  • Clothing optionalRead the description for more info
  • WCPublic restrooms nearby
  • Picnic tablesPicnic benches available
  • SunbedsBeach chairs available
  • ShowerPublic showers available
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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Unwanted attention through staring and touching is prohibited.

Nudity is common.

Emerald Lake Resort is a family-friendly lakeside destination offering a year-round nudist experience on 21 acres of parkland in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. It’s the only legal nude beach in Houston. The resort offers convenient campsites along the banks of the beautiful Emerald Lake with direct waterfront views. It’s a welcoming and relaxing place for those who like nudist experience in various forms (including sunbathing, swimming, fishing, camping, paddle boarding, etc.) or just would like to try something they’ve never tried before.

Location and Access

The resort is located just off Highway 59 in Porter, which is about 29 miles (a half-hour drive) north of downtown Houston. When you arrive at the entry gate, please use your cell phone to call the office. They will let you in. If you have an extra-large vehicle or arrive after 6 p. m., call in advance. The resort is open 365 days except for a few holidays. There are special rates for long-term residence and seasonal discounts – please check current prices on the official website.


Emerald Lake Resort offers tent and RV campsites near the lake as well as overnight accommodations such as Lake House rooms with amenities for rent.

Lake Access

Swimming in the beautiful sparkling lake waters is one of the most enjoyable nudist experiences you may have. Feeling the sun and the water on every inch of your body is fantastic! The swimming area is a man-made sandy beach, extending into the lake. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for more convenience. For more active recreation, you can try paddleboarding or kayaking. On colder winter days, you can enjoy indoor spa procedures offered on-site.

Emerald Lake is stocked with various fish species, including catfish, bass, and crappie, so fishing is another good option. No fishing license is required. There are many nice shady spots under the trees around the lake, where you can picnic and relax. Moreover, the area has a lot of wildlife to watch, including turtles and various beautiful birds.

Other Activities

There is a clubhouse offering various recreational opportunities and spa facilities. There is also an outdoor pool and spa area with spectacular views. On a rainy day, it might be a good idea to have a workout in the fitness area or engage in some of the indoor activities in the game room (such as table tennis, billiards, football, etc.)

Driving Time

  • 10 minutes from Porter, TX

  • 30 minutes from Houston, TX

  • 2 hours 40 minutes from Austin, TX

Hotels and rentals

If you're considering staying for one or even a few nights, there are plenty of options available near the beach. Chose your preferred accomodation type and your favourite room provider:

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Visitor questions:

Question: Are there any cabins to rent on your property and do you offer any night life such as dancing or any things like that?
Asked by Michelle Statler almost 2 years ago
Answer: You can rent a room in the Lake House. It has one or two queen beds, towels and toiletries, fridge and coffee maker, and a private on-suite bathroom. To make a reservation, please contact the resort administration at (281)354-0497. Evening events are held during the warm months, and on many weekends there is a DJ.
Question: What is the average price to set up our camper trailer for the weekend stay?
Asked by Chris Pumphrey almost 2 years ago
Answer: For current prices, please contact the resort administration at (281)354-0497.
Question: Can I wear adult diapers here?
Asked by Paul over 1 year ago
Answer: In the official resort rules, wearing adult diapers isn’t mentioned, yet it is mentioned that nudity is REQUIRED. However, they do permit people to disrobe but then use a towel, some type of wrap or robe etc. to cover themselves. You can wear the diapers and cover yourself if necessary. Also, we recommend you to ask this question to the resort administration at (281)354-04-97 before arriving.
Question: About how many nude clubs cabins on campgrounds are there world wide in the US and do we need more in Washington, Nevada or Texas & LA? Where are the fun naked parks?
Asked by Sher Le over 1 year ago
Answer: There are hundreds of nude clubs worldwide, and nudity is rapidly growing in popularity in the US. People love to sunbathe and swim in harmony with nature! Probably you're right - we need more places where nudism is officially allowed.
Question: Is this safe from videos and is everything cool?
Asked by Lee over 1 year ago
Answer: The resort administration guarantees that no one is going to shoot you on camera. Video and photography of a person or persons without their express permission is strictly forbidden. When you arrive, you will be asked to put a special sticker on your camera lens. If anyone is spotted with their cell phone without this sticker, this person will be asked to leave the resort for the rest of the day. These rules are strictly followed by everyone. So - yes, everything is cool, and people who visited Emerald Lake Naturist Resort and RV Park Beach had a whale of a time sunbathing naked and wrote tons of positive reviews!
Question: Was it fun being around others who are naked? I love being naked but my girlfriend is not so sure. What should I tell her?
Asked by Richard. about 1 year ago
Answer: Everyone who is fond of nude sunbathing has a whale of a time at this resort! If your girlfriend is hesitating, take her to a wild and secluded nudist beach with few people rather than to a crowded resort. A perfect secluded nudist beach to visit in Texas is the UFO Beach (https://beachcatcher.com/beach/ufo-beach). Go to the far end of the beach where your girlfriend will be sure that no one is looking at her except you, and swim and sunbathe naked together, only the two of you. She'll love it! Once she's become more confident, you can invite her to Emerald Lake Naturist Resort with many people around.
Question: Is it a nice place to vistit?
Asked by John Surber 12 months ago
Answer: Yes, absolutely! Emerald Lake Resort is a favorite destination of many tourists, and visitors leave positive and truly inspiring reviews about this amazing place. Remember that it is a naturist resort, and nudity is required according to the resort rules.
Question: What are the chances of a single decent looking guy 56 meeting and spending the evening/night with a female equivalent to say Mariam? And my biggest concern is and what has kept me from visiting such beautiful establishments is from my understanding people couples singles I suppose. But what if when I'm talking with someone and my ignorant Buddy down there decides to wake up and stretch in which I have No Say In the he Matter whether I. Mowing the yard in grocery store or wherever he doesn't care and if I'm Nude of course talking and there he is! Am I going to get a Black eye? I'm kind of hoping beings it will be my first time he will be Bashful! Dang sure wouldn't want to put him on a leash he would go to Acting up! Thanks in advance!
Asked by Mason Sowell 16 days ago
Answer: What you're describing is completely natural, Mason. No need to bother about it on a nude beach. This happens to nearly everyone, and nudists accept natural reactions of the human body as they are. As for your chances to spend a night with a nice girl, I believe you do have such a chance but please remember that the rules of the resort don't allow sexual intercourse in public places (despite everyone is naked) and this can only happen if both parties want it.
Question: Have you been naked here? If so, how was the experience?
Asked by Jordan 1 day ago
Answer: This naturist resort has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere (as opposed to crowded beaches). Visitors report that it offers a very nice experience, even for first-timers. Don't wait to try it out!

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