Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera)

Sandy beach
2349 Brant St, Cameron, LA 70631, USA (35 miles from Lake Charles, LA)
Water quality

Beach amenities

  • Pet friendlyBring your little friends!
  • RV-friendlyRV parking available
  • CrabbingPublic crabbing sites
  • ParkingCar parking nearby

About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Strong winds and currents, look after your kids!

Holly Beach aka the Cajun Riviera is the opposite of your regular resort beach. Here you will not find any large hotels, giant condos or fancy restaurants with lots of entertainment nearby. It’s definitely not the prettiest beach you’ve visited, but it has a spirit of its own and many consider it to be the best beach near New Orleans. This is an ideal place for fishermen (license not required!), shellers, folks who practice meditation or enjoy long quiet walks.

You can set up a tent or if you are in for a longer stay go ahead and rent an RV or a small house - there’s a number of colorful homes which are available on request along the surf. A number of public crabbing sites as a nice bonus and something to entertain your company and yourself with. Bring your own food or be prepared to fish something out, as there aren’t any restaurants close by!

Overall the place is clean and taken care of, however (unfortunately) many visitors forget to clean after themselves which is why you can occasionally find all kinds of stuff laying around. An ideal place for a daycation - only a few hour drive from Houston and around 3-4 hour drive from New Orleans/Baton Rouge.

Driving time

  • Approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes from New Orleans by car.
  • Only 2 hours 20 minutes from Houston, TX, by car.

What we loved

  • Great fishing spot
  • Quiet and never crowded!
  • Sheller's paradise 🐚
  • RV camping
  • Public crabbing sites 🦀
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Cabins near the beachGulls on Cajun RivieraWaves at the beachHaving fun with waves - Holly BeachCabins at the beach - Holly beachCatching waves...Lots of seagullsHolly Beach shoreHolly Beach wavesHollyBeach - May2013Looking back and smiling

Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) videos

Holly Beach waves
A short video of the Cajun Riviera mood
Holly Beach flyover video
A great drone-made video of Cajun Riviera

Weather conditions

Current weather at the beach and 3 day forecast
How to get there
The beach is located in Cameron, Louisiana
2349 Brant St, Cameron, LA 70631, USA (Open on Google Maps)
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera)
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Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) reviews and photos
Photos and descriptions belong to their authors
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Casey Carboni
Casey Carboni
I'm really gonna miss catching fish like this 🎣
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Rosemary Jesionowski
Rosemary Jesionowski
Went down to the gulf yesterday.
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Sabine Pass Lighthouse
Sabine Pass Lighthouse
The beach run is less than a month away! Found this gem on the path. Sea glass from an old coke bottle made in Houston. #gulfofmexico #seaglass #houston #htown #coke #beach #hollybeach
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Zack Rosenberger
Zack Rosenberger
It’s a good day🤘🏻
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Slab Dawg Mafia
Slab Dawg Mafia
Little surf fishin on thanksgiving!
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Amy Bauder
Amy Bauder
Today involved two car ferries and a looong drive along the Gulf of Mexico! I saw lots and lots of dolphins and a gator! And I dipped my toes in the Gulf - it was disturbingly warm and smelt funny.
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Apple
Beach day 💭💕❤️
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by AlizarinRay/ Cheray
AlizarinRay/ Cheray
Beach go'ers enjoying the fun on Holly Beach, Louisiana.
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson
I was restless this weekend.... Sunday was a beautiful day, and I wanted to drive..... So off and running like a Hurd of turtles I went.. Picking a direction, I headed south, past subdivisions, past closed shops, the road kept going. The music was loud and the air crisp, and soon I was smelling that sweat smell of salty air. Soon, the marsh began to appear, the docks and people fishing... Just passing the day away listing the the cool grease go by... The path soon took me along a narrow road to the beach. Stopping the car and taking my shoes off I walked along the beach, letting the water pass over my toes as only the gulf waters can.. I walked alone with my thoughts a bit, listening the the crashing of the waves and the sounds of the seagulls circling high above.. Soon, it was time for me to leave once again.. Off on another adventure.. Down the road I must go..
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Find the GOOD News 💛🎧
Find the GOOD News 💛🎧
Sometimes it’s nice to find a quietish place where you can let the cyclical sounds of nature grab your thoughts.
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Michelle Snyder
Michelle Snyder
Sunset Holly beach, Louisiana
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Kristy Kay
Kristy Kay
Just south west of New Orleans, Holly Beach allows camping on the sand. 🙌 So naturally, we camped on the beach passing through Thursday night. ✨ Yesss! 💙
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by ❤💋Maria Busby💋❤
❤💋Maria Busby💋❤
♥️My happy place 🌊
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by MorganLasyoneGuidry
Our dream home
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Katelyn Black
Katelyn Black
Hard to believe we will be done with our road trip in just a few days! I'm sure y'all are like, "they're still on the road?!" The feeling of being free on the road was something I'll never forget. But now I long for the days when I'll have my own home, bed, and kitchen that isn't in constant motion. I miss my daily yoga practice and staying grounded. So, we are happy to say that we are moving back to Oregon, the state that we still love despite seeing so make cool places over the last 6 months. Pacific northwest, here we come!
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Hannah Easley
Hannah Easley
Took a random trip to the beach. Counting my blessings.🌊
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by David Keith III
David Keith III
Another successful holly beach trip
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Rae Ellen
Rae Ellen
The Gulf Coast, with its powder sand and tea-coloured water.
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Shannyn
Dipping our toes in the Gulf of Mexico #louisiana
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Rachel Owens
Rachel Owens
Spontaneous little family outing
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Tyler Stoddard
Tyler Stoddard
Another (12 hour) Fishing Trip in the books.. thanks to my dude @e.v.a.n.88 and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico! I never could've imagined having this much fun, waiting for the fish to bite 😎👌🏼
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Jessika Chaconas See
Jessika Chaconas See
I have had the best Saturday with my little family. I had the day off so we headed to the beach to search for shark teeth and collect seashells ❤️ the beach is my happy place. It was so peaceful and there is something so magical about looking for treasures with my babies. This has been a Saturday well spent and my heart is so content ❤️ happy Saturday friends!
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Rafe & Cam
Rafe & Cam
Having the best Saturday searching for shark teeth and collecting seashells ❤️
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Dylan George Field
Dylan George Field
Day 69 - The Southern Coast of Louisiana to Texas. I planned to get a new rear tire. I rode to Baton Rouge a large city. It was Tuesday and I expected success. I shouldn’t have been surprised that on the flat lands of the South, no one rides Dual Sport so no one stocks a tire. I called Houston a day ahead. I called the biggest store in town. “We don’t stock that but we can order one in”, as I expected. The tire would take a day to arrive. I moved along the coast off the interstate. I encountered showers but no rain. The flooding obvious from the hurricane. I arrived at the beach and met a couple travelling with their two cats. I had lunch and noticed the exposed belts of my rear tire. Shit. I was 100 miles out of Houston. I research how far I could push it. “I’ve ridden 80 miles on a flat!” one said. I can make it if I don’t stress it. No hard bumps or high speed. I rode 40mph all the way to my campsite. I crossed a ferry and through the wetlands and into Texas. The oil refineries abundant. I found a service road that ran parallel to the Interstate. I could follow it all the way to Houston. It’s safer to travel 40mph on that than against traffic doing almost twice that with trucks. It was meant to be. I found shelter in a park from the misty rain that constantly fell. It was cold but it was better than nothing.
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) photo by Evan
Really pretty Sandbar Shark I caught this morning. She was a strong little girl. 💪🏼💪🏼