Fort Morgan Beach

White sand beach
150 AL-180, Gulf Shores, AL 36542, USA (32 miles from Mobile, AL)
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Beach amenities

  • Pet friendlyBring your little friends!
  • ParkingCar parking nearby
  • ShowerPublic showers available
  • SunbedsBeach chairs available
  • RestaurantsF&B places nearby
  • Gear rentalsEquipment for rent
  • Changing roomsDressing rooms on the beach
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Warnings and hazards

Special rules for pet-owners – read below!

Fort Morgan is situated at Mobile Bay, which is an inlet at the Gulf of Mexico. The fort played an important role during the War of 1812 and the American Civil War and is listed as a National Historic Landmark.

This was our first time staying in Fort Morgan and we loved it. We stayed for over a week and enjoyed every bit of the vacation. We came here right after our short visit to Dauphin Island, but in contrast, we saw big waves for the majority of the time. Somebody said that Ft. Morgan is a great place for people who used to enjoy Destin before its beaches became way too popular.

Fort Morgan consists of small homes for the most part, but we stayed at a 3 story condo, which had an outdoor and an indoor pool.

The beach views are fantastic! Fort Morgan is somewhat secluded, so stock up on groceries and supplies, as the very few small-sized local grocery stores are rather expensive.

Beach access and parking

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of misleading and ever-changing information about public beach access in the Fort Morgan area. Let's clear things up!

According to the information provided to us by the HOA, there are only 3 nearby official public beach access points: Our Road, Mobile Street, and an unnamed road near the Fort (labeled as Ft. Morgan Fishing Beach in the Rookery HOA information).

There is no parking lot on Our Road, but there are areas along the side of it that do not have "No Parking" signs. We used to park along the side of the road along with several other cars when going to the beach and no one got any fines.

Mobile Street has a parking lot.

The unnamed road near Fort Morgan is in terrible shape. We were only able to drive down it for a few minutes before having to back out since there was no room for turning around. If you are riding bikes (or a Hummer) you will get to the beach OK though.

There is public beach access at the end of most of the public roads along Ponce de Leon. It is a small paved road that runs parallel to the beach between the beach-facing front houses and the second tier houses. There are other public beach accesses in between the streets but there is not a lot of room for parking.


There are a bunch of signs around the site saying the grounds, beach, and fishing are open from 8 AM to 5 PM each day. Indeed, the gates to the actual fort close at 5 PM. BUT this does not apply to the public beaches or beaches in front of rental homes or condos.

Food and restaurants

There are some restaurants down Ft. Morgan Road. Gulf Shores, obviously, has a much larger selection of F&B spots, so your driving time really depends on where you are staying in Fort Morgan.

We stopped at a welcome center, and the staff showed us a couple of nice restaurants that were close to where we were staying.

If you’re cooking, check out the Sassy Bass Market. It has fresh fish and a nice grocery store. Fresh Market Seafood is the place you want to go to for fresh seafood in Fort Morgan. This local market is fun to go to even if you're not planning on buying any fish at all!


Of all the Gulf Coast vacation options, Fort Morgan is said to be one of the most dog-friendly destinations. You can stay in one of the designated dog-friendly beach houses. 

Fort Morgan’s beach area between the Engineer’s Wharf and fishing pier allow dogs if they are leashed. The pet-friendly beach starts after fate and runs parallel to the main road.

Be cautious of the permitted areas since the city will instate a fine for pets who wander off the authorized pet zones.

Basically, dogs are allowed on virtually all of the Fort Morgan beaches within the city limits, as long as they are leashed, and including the Fort. But NOT in Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge.


If you are trying to avoid spring breakers, consider staying at The Beach Club ( – it is very family oriented. As for water conditions, we have found the water at The Beach Club to be very similar if not identical to the water in Gulf Shores. But, The Beach Club is about 10 miles from the end of the peninsula and the water will most certainly change as you get closer toward the opening of Mobile Bay.

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Johan and Mary
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Gulf Shores Fort Morgan Drone Footage
By Emily Pearson
Fort Morgan Beach - Drone Footage
by Flat Hatter Photography

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Fort Morgan Beach photo by Jordan Moore
December 27, 2016
Jordan Moore
it's december but we still got in the water :)
Fort Morgan Beach photo by m a t t y
October 8, 2016
m a t t y
Sunset ☀️
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Rachela
July 26, 2016
"a little rain never hurt nobody" (everyone at this beach is a pansy)
Fort Morgan Beach photo by jordanhaley14
August 7, 2016
Life's perfect ☀️
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Chris Fuller
March 1, 2017
Chris Fuller
Fishing for Reds on Kayak out of Fort Morgan, AL. #fishingchaos
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Emili Pinson
August 15, 2016
Emili Pinson
I'd rather be sun burned, stung by a jelly fish, and holding a tree than going to school tomorrow 🙂
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Pamela
September 29, 2016
This happens when you flood your body with healthy easy nutrition on the go! Me at 52 with my 17 year old daughter!
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Nicole Kimberling
July 12, 2016
Nicole Kimberling
we almost got struck by lightning today
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Brendan Klim
October 9, 2016
Brendan Klim
Sweet home Alabama⛵️
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Michael
November 25, 2016
Sunset in Gulf Shores. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever. #beachday #kivagrand #gulfshores #fly3dr
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Candee Eischen
July 18, 2016
Candee Eischen
The girls doing their thing... beach volleyball
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Curtis
October 22, 2016
Sunset colors
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Ryan Frost
September 13, 2016
Ryan Frost
Ft Morgan Beach! 😎
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Robert Lane
February 20, 2017
Robert Lane
Ending our day on the beach with this beautiful sunset. You really have to be here to see it.
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Quinn
December 30, 2016
I'm happiest with sand on my face. #beach #ocean #adventures
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Christopher West
November 24, 2016
Christopher West
Thanksgiving morning fishing.
Fort Morgan Beach photo by jynxxie
October 14, 2016
...does it qualify as a #throwback if it was only last weekend....? #tbt #bikinilife
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Amanda Donaldson
March 4, 2017
Amanda Donaldson
Ft Morgan houses!
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Lexie Rose
July 24, 2016
Lexie Rose
Our home for the week! #buseyvaca2016 #gulfshores2016 #pictureoverload ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fort Morgan Beach photo by katerina
July 29, 2016
jumping for joy because I didn't get stung by any jellyfish today🐙
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Kevin Gully
February 21, 2017
Kevin Gully
Sunset made up for the rest of the day....
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Stephen McDonald
January 4, 2017
Stephen McDonald
Last sunset on the gulf coast. #nofilter
Fort Morgan Beach photo by 🔱Justin Kihano🔱
February 5, 2017
🔱Justin Kihano🔱
It just doesn't get any better than crawfish on the beach 🌞👍🏻
Fort Morgan Beach photo by 👽w Ξ n d y👽
January 2, 2017
👽w Ξ n d y👽
Woke up to see the sunrise 🖤
Fort Morgan Beach photo by Andrea Bredow
November 21, 2016
Andrea Bredow
#beach day. We have the entire shore to ourselves. #gulfshores