Boca Chica Beach (Geiger Key Beach)

Sandy beach
346 Boca Chica Rd, Key West, FL 33040, USA
457 miles from Panama City Beach, FL
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Nudist beach

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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

No facilities.

Nudity is still illegal, so have a cover-up handy.

Boats must stay 300ft/100yds off the beach.

Be careful in the water – there are no lifeguards.

Boca Chica Beach, or Geiger Key Abandoned Beach, is a remote, quiet, and beautiful stretch of seashore on Boca Chica Key. This uncrowded and non-commercialized beach area is a place of choice for those who want to get back to nature and enjoy some nude swimming and sunbathing.

The majority of regular visitors are locals who come to enjoy the sea, sunshine, and tranquility – and often to do it naked. Even if you prefer to have your swimsuit on, it’s still a good spot for a day trip to relax at the seaside and get away from the crowds.

Location and Access

You can go to Boca Chica Beach by car. Go north via US 1 from Key West until you reach mile marker 12 ½ and see a gas station and a Circle K store. Then turn right to Boca Chica Road and drive until the end of the road. There will be a nice beach area with some trees on the left side of the road.

Parking is ample and easy. Now you will have to continue your way on foot. When you reach the barricades on the road, which was partially washed away during Hurricane George, you’ll see a sign saying: “Clothing optional beyond this point”. As you might have guessed, there are no entrance fees.

Note that boats must stay 300ft/100yds off the beach. The Navy has federal Marshals on jet skis and will write tickets. There are also a lot of new signs saying 'Do not trespass on navy property'.

No Amenities

There are neither entrance fees nor any amenities such as restrooms, showers, or food concessions. It’s a wild, non-commercialized stretch of seashore and you should get ready for that and take everything you may need with you. If you forgot something, the Circle K store on your way to the beach is a good place for buying supplies.

Unusual Landscape

With its extraordinary mix of manmade touches and natural beauty, the place features an eye-catching, a bit post-apocalyptic landscape. Some parts of the road have been washed away by hurricanes and never restored, and you will see a peculiar line of telephone poles running along the coast.

There are also such interesting things as a wall for lost shoes, refugee boat remnants, and a very big driftwood lean-to. Apart from these manmade elements, Boca Chica Beach offers the clearest blue waters and pretty little trees right on the shore. Nature is beautiful and soothing!

Legal Matters

Despite its popularity among naturists, Boca Chica Beach isn’t legally a nude beach, so keep a cover-up handy in case the police or military show up. In addition to nude swimming, strolling, and sunbathing, the beach visitors regularly break a number of other rules such as walking their dogs off-leash, making bonfires, camping overnight and drinking alcohol.

Driving Time

  • 20 minutes from Key West, FL
  • 3 hours from Miami, FL
  • 3 hours 25 minutes from Fort Lauderdale, FL

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