Blue Mountain Beach

White sand beach
530 Blue Mountain Rd, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, FL 32459, USA (34 miles from Panama City Beach, FL)
Water quality

Beach amenities

  • Pet friendlyBring your little friends!
  • ParkingCar parking nearby
  • ShowerPublic showers available
  • SunbedsBeach chairs available
  • RestaurantsF&B places nearby
  • Gear rentalsEquipment for rent
  • Changing roomsDressing rooms on the beach
  • LifeguardsLifeguard on duty
  • WCPublic restrooms nearby

About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Come early to grab a parking space!

Pets allowed on the beach only if you have a permit from the county!

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best beaches on the West coast of Florida. A perfect relaxing place for families or couples who want to get away from the crowds and the noise. Gorgeous views, warm white sand, and crystal clear emerald waters. Lots of sea creatures, occasionally you can see a dolphin or two. Lifeguards are on duty during the day so you may feel quite safe in the water. Simply perfect. And despite all these wonderful characteristics, Blue Mountain Beach is almost never too crowded.

Parking lot

Blue Mountain Beach has a very small paved parking lot for about fifty vehicles including spaces for the handicapped. It is located at the public entrance to the beach where you can also find a well-maintained restroom, changing room, and a rinse shower. Before you take the stairs down to the beach, you can enjoy the views from a wooden sitting area at the top of the stairs.

Quiet beach with gorgeous views

Blue Mountain Beach is unique and you will hardly find another place like this. It has perfect white sand, which is soft and not too hot to walk barefoot. It’s very clean, the beach is well-maintained and there are trash cans all around the area. The water is clear, and shallow, and so much eye-pleasing with its picturesque shades of pure emerald and turquoise. Just beautiful! There aren’t many visitors, though, and peace and quiet of this beach make it a perfect place for those who want to escape from the rush of the modern world and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature.

Rich fauna

There are dolphins, turtles, a lot of different fishes. If you’re lucky, you may find turtle nests or see crabs. You know, kids are always happy to rush after them.

Close food outlets and shopping

There are shops and beach equipment outlets right across the street. If you wish to somehow diversify your beach holidays, this is where you can acquire a snorkeling mask, or boogie board, or inflatable lounge, etc. Nearby, you will also find cafes, coffee shops, ice cream spots, and restaurants with good cuisine and adult beverages. If you are staying for a few days, there's a health food store, and an organic bakery. 

Rental services and accommodation

On the beach, there is a company offering sunbed and umbrella rental services. If you’re looking for more entertainment, you can rent paddle boards, water bikes, kayaks, and other water equipment on site.

As for residential opportunities, many condos along the surf are available for rent. Grayton State Park is only a few minutes away.

Driving time

  • From Destin – 30 minutes by car 
  • From Mobile, AL – 2 hours 20 minutes by car
  • Around 4 hours drive from New Orleans
  • Around 5 hours drive from Atlanta, GA

What we loved

  • Everything. The beach is perfect.
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Blue Mountain Beach videos

Short cruise down Blue Mountain Beach
A video filmed using a drone
Blue Mountain Beach Reel
A short video of the beach and surroundings

Weather conditions

Current weather at the beach and 3 day forecast
Beach map and directions
The beach is located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 530 Blue Mountain Rd, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, FL 32459, USA (Open on Google Maps)
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Blue Mountain Beach reviews and photos
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Blue Mountain Beach photo by Kimberlin Khan
August 28, 2018
Kimberlin Khan
Tis the sea-sun 🍹
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Liv
August 24, 2018
School this week hitting us like...
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Jessica Holt
August 27, 2018
Jessica Holt
Raise your hand if you love filling the 12 hour drive to the beach with podcasts about conspiracy theories
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Lillian Magnolia Berry
August 13, 2018
Lillian Magnolia Berry
trying real hard to not think about school starting next week
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Laura Marie
December 29, 2018
Laura Marie
Summer, I miss you! ☀️
Blue Mountain Beach photo by We Create LIFT™
August 21, 2018
We Create LIFT™
Sunset at Blue Mountain Beach on 30-A. Photo by Troy Ruprecht.
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Tarah McKinnon
January 5, 2019
Tarah McKinnon
Meet me where the ocean meets the sky. 🌊
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Carolina Summer Berryhill
August 12, 2018
Carolina Summer Berryhill
Enjoying today. We saw a lot of sea creatures
Blue Mountain Beach photo by
August 15, 2018
Florida sunsets are too beautiful for no gig’s.
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Lela
August 22, 2018
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Tuck Shumack
August 20, 2018
Tuck Shumack
Fun day at the beach!
Blue Mountain Beach photo by
August 27, 2018
The salt and sand runs through her veins.... 🧜🏼‍♀️
Blue Mountain Beach photo by
October 21, 2018
Morning walk #30a
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Cozy by the Coast
January 5, 2019
Cozy by the Coast
Time to play!
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Sarah
November 17, 2018
where’s kate
Blue Mountain Beach photo by STEPH 。.:*☆
September 9, 2018
STEPH 。.:*☆
wishing I could go back to last weekend with my fav people😇😻😻
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Hayden Shirley
September 8, 2018
Hayden Shirley
Ellie overhead squats, shoulder squats & carries. #workoutoftheday
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Kacey Nobert ❁
October 14, 2018
Kacey Nobert ❁
Why does the beach have to be so far away? 😭We didn’t get our full week in but I think the family enjoyed EVERY minute while we were here. My dad and I had planned to run the @30ahalfmarathon today (one of the reasons we came) but it ended up being cancelled due to the hurricane. Although I’m kinda glad it didn’t happen on account of not being in my best running shape, I was looking forward to seeing the course, getting a cool shirt out of it, and pursuing the prize money. Oh well maybe next year 💁🏼‍♀️ Of course I had to get in one last workout on the beach before hitting the road. This one will definitely leave your shoulders burning 💪🏼
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Susan Gunn
January 5, 2019
Susan Gunn
“Finally” It stopped raining on #30a. Walking with you in this winter beach worth the wait.
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Amy Moore
August 26, 2018
Amy Moore
See ya later summer✌🏼Hello SENIOR year!!!
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Jami Ray • 30A Mama
January 5, 2019
Jami Ray • 30A Mama
We can’t seem to put this baby down so she’s taking her sweet time learning to walk. Every time she takes a few steps we all get so excited we sound like her own personal cheer squad. 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Gary Klingemann
September 4, 2018
Gary Klingemann
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Lisa Conrad
August 26, 2018
Lisa Conrad
#beachbabes #girlstrip #bluemountainbeach #fl
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Andrea
December 30, 2018
The crew! #florida #lifeatthebeach
Blue Mountain Beach photo by Margaret Stella Dina Edwards
January 6, 2019
Margaret Stella Dina Edwards
Dalton and 2 loves!