Cabretta Beach

Sandy beach
CQM6+88 Sapelo Island, GA, USA
46 miles from Savannah, GA
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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

To visit the island, you need to get a permit of state tourism authorities.

The beach is only accessible by ferry.

The beach is located 5 miles from the ferry dock station.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the island.

Hurricane Irma destroyed the bridge leading to the campground – please call 912-485-2299 for current information.

Cabretta Beach is a remote expanse of hard-packed sand stretching along the eastern shore of Sapelo Island. It’s the site of the Cabretta Campground offering campsites and facilities for travelers. This place is also frequented by fishermen and tourists kayaking to Blackbeard Island. Cabretta Beach is great for walking, birdwatching, and watching sunrises in peaceful, enjoyable solitude.

Location and Access

Cabretta Beach is a part of Cabretta Island while Cabretta Island is a northeastern part of Sapelo Island, separated from its main body by a tidal creek. Cabretta Beach is located on Sapelo’s eastern shore, just north of Nanny Goat Beach and stretching up to the outflow of Blackbeard Creek.

In order to reach Sapelo Island, you have to go by ferry provided by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Contact Sapelo Island Visitors Center to get informed about the seasonal ferry timetable.

Campground Facilities

Set in a pristine, barrier-island environment, the Cabretta Campground is a wilderness camp that boasts beautiful scenery comprised of salt marshes, tidal creeks, live oaks, Spanish moss, seashore, and dunes. It is located within R.J. Reynolds Wildlife Refuge. There are restrooms, showers, shelters, fire pits, and grills available.

The campground is located at 1100 Autobahn Sapelo Island, Georgia, and campsites can be reserved via Georgia's Department of Natural Resources. Please call 912-485-2299 for current information.

Atlantic Shore

The shoreline is pristine, undeveloped, with undisturbed sand dunes. The beach is clean. The sand is hard-packed and good for strolling or doing yoga. There are many shorebirds to watch.

Other Activities

You can explore the huge area of Sapelo Island on foot, bicycle, van, or rent kayaks. Local wildlife is quite diverse and there are good chances to spot opossum, raccoon, whitetail deer, wild turkey armadillo, and other species. Birdwatching is also a rewarding activity since the island is home to many shorebirds and indigenous species.

Driving Time (till Sapelo Island Visitors Center)

You can drive till Sapelo Island Visitors Center, leave your car on the parking lot near the ferry dock, and then take a 30-minutes ferry ride to Sapelo Island. Mind you that Cabretta Beach is located within almost 5 miles from the Sapelo Island Ferry Dock. The road from the dock to the beach will take you 1 hour 30 minutes on foot or 25 minutes by bicycle. We recommend you to take your bicycle with you.

  • 35 minutes from Brunswick, GA
  • 1 hour from Savannah, GA
  • 1 hour 20 minutes from Jacksonville, FL

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Visitor questions:

Question: Where is the best beach to go and find sand dollars and beautiful shells? And where are the smallest shells u have seen? I mean micro?
Asked by Debbie Allen 7 months ago
Answer: In Georgia, you can find beautiful shells of all sizes on Hunting Island State Park Beach, Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge Beach, Nanny Goat Beach, and in Fish Haul Beach Park. Check them out on our site!

Cabretta Beach videos

Cabretta Island Campsite
A nice video of the campsite located close to the beach
Cabretta and Back Again
A picturesque drone made video of the beach and its surroundings

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The beach is located in Hog Hammock, Georgia CQM6+88 Sapelo Island, GA, USA (Open on Google Maps)
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Reviewed on: March 1, 2020