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  • Clothing optionalRead the description for more info
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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Bring sunscreen, umbrellas, and hats – there is no shade at the beach.

No facilities at all.

Nudity is a common thing.

Cover up when beach patrol arrives – nudity isn’t officially permitted.

UFO Beach on South Padre Island is the most famous nudist beach in the state. Actually, it isn’t legally recognized as a nude beach, but nudity has been a common thing here for years. It’s a popular clothing-optional sunbathing spot on Laguna Madre Bay, which receives many visitors, especially during spring break, when jolly college students come here to spend their free time sunbathing, swimming, partying, and engaging in water sports. UFO Beach is considered to be one of the best nude beaches in the USA and is included in the Traveler’s Digest 10 Best Nude Beaches.


UFO Beach on South Padre Island got its name after an emergency evacuation pod that was washed onto the shore. It looks like a small alien spaceship. Later, the beachgoers decorated it with bright paintings and the phrases “Nude Beach” and “No Tan Lines”.

Location and Access

The UFO Beach is located 7 to 8 miles north of South Padre Sand Dunes on South Padre Island, Texas, which is about 20 miles from Brownsville. Reaching the UFO beach requires either a four-wheel drive or a hike along the scorching shore because the road terminates at South Padre Sand Dunes.

Be aware that the beach offers no facilities at all – no showers, restrooms, changing areas, or even porta-potties.


Nudity is not officially allowed in the area, so it’s better to cover yourself when beach patrols arrive. They can show very different attitudes to the absence of your swimsuit, and tickets for disturbing the peace are possible. Nevertheless, women are permitted to sunbathe topless, so you need only to take care of the lower part of your body.

Lively Atmosphere

It’s difficult to call this remote place quiet and secluded since its fame as one of the best nudist beaches in the country makes it popular with college students. If you’re looking for a quiet spot to take off your clothes, meditate in the sun, and commune with nature, probably this place isn’t for you, especially during spring break. But if you’re okay with crowds and some revelry – join in. Sometimes they even hold parties at the beach!

Sand and Water

The sand at UFO Beach is white, super fine, and soft – enjoyable to the touch and for barefoot walks. The long and clean beach provides enough space for strolling and enjoying the views. The Gulf is spectacularly vast, blue, and shining under the sun. Swimming in these beautiful waters is the best way to beat the summer heat. Bring hats, umbrellas, and plenty of sunscreen, since there is no shade at all.

Driving Time

  • 1 hour 10 minutes from Brownsville, TX
  • 1 hour 50 minutes from McAllen, TX
  • 3 hours 20 minutes from Corpus Christi, TX

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Daniel and Laura
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Visitor questions:

Question: We're heading down to SPI this weekend and want to check out UFO Beach for the first time. We have an SUV with good ground clearance but it does NOT have 4-wheel drive. Are we asking for trouble or will we be fine? The reviews I read seem mixed. Thanks for the help!
Asked by Dan over 4 years ago
Answer: Dan, thanks for the question! There is no road leading to UFO Beach, that's why I would rather warn you against driving if your SUV does not have a 4-wheel drive. My guess is that good ground clearance won't be enough. After the road ends, a long and wild beach strip with dunes and practically no solid sand begins. The dunes are very unpredictable which can be dangerous for you. In case you get stuck in the dunes you may have to wait for hours for someone to help you out, as this area is absolutely uninhabited. The mobile signal is also very poor in this part of SPI. What you could do instead is drive till the end of State Park Road 100, park and walk to the beach on foot. Note that the beach is located 7 to 8 mi from where the road ends. Another option is to get there on an inflatable boat (if you have one). Stay safe!
Question: Is sex allowed there,my girlfriend wants to try it.
Asked by Gary over 4 years ago
Answer: No, sex is not officially allowed.
Question: How do you actually get to the beach? Can you ride a 4 wheeler off the road where it terminated and ride it down the beach the rest of the way? There is not much info on google about this
Asked by Enrique Johnson about 4 years ago
Answer: There are three ways to reach UFO Beach: ride a 4-wheeler on the sand, go on foot (note that the distance from the road end till the beach makes up 7 to 8 miles), or swim by boat. If you have a 4-wheeler, don't hesitate to drive right to the beach. The sand is solid enough.
Question: Que mes de el año hay mas gente? (In which months do most visitors come to this beach?)
Asked by Hugo over 3 years ago
Answer: En esta playa hay más gente en el período de Junio a Septiembre, porque estos meses son los más calurosos. (Most visitors come to this beach from June to September because these months are the warmest.)
Question: Where can I rent a 4-wheeler to go to UFO BEACH? Need to leave my vehicle at a rental place and ride to UFO BEACH.
Asked by Devilscut almost 3 years ago
Answer: There are some car rentals in the southern part of South Padre Island. Call for example Coast To Coast Beach Rentals (+19567727016). Maybe they offer 4-wheelers.
Question: Since there are no facilities at UFO Beach, where does one use the restroom? Can a person take a camp cover restroom tent with a mini portable toilet? Can I bring a mini grill for food etc. or make camp fire? Can I have music? Is alcohol allowed on this beach? And what are the hours one can stay there? I probably have a few more questions but this will do for now. 🤣
Asked by Rainy Rodriguez about 2 years ago
Answer: Dear Rainy, you're welcome to ask as many questions as you like! 1) Since there are no restrooms, people go to the wild when nature calls them. If you have a covered portable toilet and/or a tent, take it with you! 2) Grilling is prohibited to avoid fires in such a remote place that a firefighting vehicle won't even be able to reach. The beach patrol may give you a fine if they find you grilling. 3) You can listen to music on this beach. It's a beloved place for student parties! 4) Alcohol is prohibited since there are no lifeguards on duty, and swimming drunk is dangerous. 5) The beach is open 24/7. Have a nice day on UFO Beach! No tan lines!
Question: 4x4 rental or Jeeps to go to UFO Beach or Mansford Cut? The place you mentioned 2 years ago does not. Any other suggestions?
Asked by Erich about 1 year ago
Answer: Try Hoopty Beach Car Rentals (+19562388785) - they offer cars suitable for beach riding. Hopefully, they do have jeeps or four-wheelers.
Question: Is camping (such as in a teardrop trailer) allowed? I have an SUV with AWD. Thank you for your help!
Asked by Diana about 1 year ago
Answer: Yes, camping is allowed here but remember that there are no facilities (no electricity, water, etc.). According to other drivers' reviews, an SUV with AWD can drive on the beach (whereas other vehicle types get stuck in the soft sand). Have a nice UFO beach vacation! No tan lines!
Question: Can you tent camp there?
Asked by Jason 14 days ago
Answer: Yes, tent camping is allowed on UFO Beach but remember that there are no facilities (no electricity, water, etc.). Have a nice camping trip! No tan lines!

UFO Beach videos

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