Secret Beach

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Secret Beach Turn-off - Country Club Creek Trail, Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metro Park Trail, Austin, TX 78741, USA
143 miles from Houston, TX
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About this beach

Warnings and hazards

Swimming is no longer allowed.

Visitors with off-leash dogs are common.

There’s little shade, so it’s better to bring your own.

There’s a slightly steep area on the path to the beach.

Secret Beach is a secluded little sandy beach in Austin, Texas. It takes some effort to find and get to this place, but it’s worth it. Despite its name, many locals know about this beach and you can find detailed instructions on how to get there on the Internet.

Swimming at Secret Beach is no longer allowed; however, there’s plenty of other things to do, such as sunbathing, picnicking, shelling, building sandcastles and rock towers, and wading. If you have a dog, you’re welcome to bring it here. Many visitors unleash their dogs and play with them on the sand and in the water. Overall, Secret Beach is a nice spot near the water for a quick and easy family trip on a weekend instead of time-consuming driving to the coast.

Accessing the Beach

Secret Beach is a hidden place, which doesn’t have its own parking lot, but you can park your car in the lot near Montopolis Youth Sports Complex. After that, cross the road and follow the walking trail for about 10 minutes until you reach a sign with park rules. Then turn right and go downhill – be careful, there will be a slightly steep spot on your way. Soon after that, you’ll finally go out to the beach. That’s it!

No Amenities

On this non-commercialized beach, there are no restroom facilities (only porta-potties in the parking lot), food concessions, stores, or rental services, so prepare to take all necessities with you. Bring some snacks, enough drinking water, towels, sand toys (if you go with kids), sunscreen, and some sort of shade since there are few shady places on the beach. The way from and to the parking lot takes some time and can be a bit tiring on a hot day, so it’s better to take everything you may need at one go.

Activities for Children

Secret Beach is a very family-friendly place. You’re unlikely to see noisy companies of teens here, most of the visitors are families with children and dogs. There are opportunities for both to have a blast. Kids can play in the sand, build castles, splash, and wade in the water. On your way back, you can drop by a new children’s playground at Roy G. Guerrero Park. With all those nature sounds and a tightrope walk, it can become a truly captivating experience for the most little ones.

Dog Policies

You can take your dog, but make sure you have a bag to pick up after it. At this beach, you can often see people with their dogs, who are free to run around, play, and swim.

Driving Time

  • 20 minutes from Austin, TX
  • 1 hour 20 minutes from San Antonio, TX
  • 2 hours 30 minutes from Houston, TX

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Visitor questions:

Question: Can you float this river?
Asked by Mrs. Kristie Glauser almost 4 years ago
Answer: Unfortunately, you can't. First, swimming is prohibited on this beach. Second, the Colorado River has got a rocky bottom and often gets very shallow. You can strike the bottom and even get injured.

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Secret Beach in Austin TX
A remarkable drone made video of the beach and of the neighboring park
Chill out at Secret Beach on the Colorado River
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The beach is located in Austin, Texas Secret Beach Turn-off - Country Club Creek Trail, Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metro Park Trail, Austin, TX 78741, USA (Open on Google Maps)
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Reviewed on: July 11, 2019